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A Desktop And Client Web Using Web Api?

by Randolph » 2016-02-09 14:41

Before I begin my questions I wanted to tell you that I ask for my concept only if I get the answer that helps me to persuade then I would go for it.

Okay so I wanted to make UMS management system (university) which will have a desktop application ac # that will do all the admin and web applications angularjs that will allow students and teachers to do their things and also angularjs will display the website of the university as well as to the visitors to get information and news related to the university.

and c # desktop application and will be used both fire angularjs the web to talk with db to perform tasks.

Now what was discovered on fire the rest of the web is that it sends the info in xml or json file client and the client then uses that data to perform the task, so that means a json file is not guaranteed to be correct, it's just plain text by way of formatted but it is not my business now.
So what do you guys think this is the right way to do it or not.

Another way of thinking is that the use wordpress to the university website coz cms wordpress is a good system that will make it easy for me to allow the admin to edit and update the website uni uni-related news. and using angularjs for students and teachers so that they can update their information and update presence.
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by Christopher » 2016-02-10 2:12

Confused on the question.
Is it all possible? Yes, for sure. Such as websites and / or attendance tracking is a common homework assignment.
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by Alexander » 2016-02-10 22:43

JSON is a data format. no more, no less. if you want anyone to see the content of the data transfer, using an encrypted connection (SSL).
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by Cameron » 2016-02-11 14:15

What questions are not answered? It sounds like you're setting up a web service to handle the data and then a couple of applications that will use it. Yes, you can do it. Specific technology is not all that important, you can apply that with a variety of languages, frameworks, etc. I do not know if SISA will strictly be the right way to go here, because the one thing that you will need for the web service authentication and authorization, and REST strictly not all are suitable for the request is confirmed. You can still do so by using the principles of REST in a manner that is technically no longer BREAK though, if you are using cookies to track log in the same way other websites do not.
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