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What A Web Developer Actually Made?

by Franklin » 2016-02-01 12:23


I was always interested in making a website from scratch. My goal is to become a well-known freelance web developers any time soon. In my opinion, the best way to start my trip to learn some HTML and CSS, which I have a basic knowledge. I think I know enough about them that I can make a simple, yet handsome, website. And so I decided to try to create a website to help me put what I have learned in the test.

Before starting this project, I want to know what people usually expect from a web developer. Having a website that does not require editing the future, such as adding additional info about the company, create new pages or edit even as simple as changing office hours
OR has the ability to edit any info they want without recontacting web developer or hiring new ones.

Thank you in advance for your response and please do not hesitate to provide additional tips and advice about a freelance web development.
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by Forrest » 2016-02-01 22:28

A web developer generally creates and / or maintains any or all of:

.a rear end, ie, persistent storage, you can view and modify
.A code base that query against the final part and produces marked content
.designs and style to the marked content (usually based on branding and marketing input non-technical staff)
.dynamic front-end code working on the marked content to change their style or give your behavior

Depending on the store, which might also be involved in analyzing the data produced by site users, or reporting to others in the organization to use in the analysis of that data. They could also be called to do the work management systems to maintain Web infrastructure up and running. If you can do or learn more about these things, you may be called a "full stack developer" and win a seat himself in his next game in bingo lingo.
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by Randall » 2016-02-02 12:34

As others have said, a web developer mainly dealing with back end technology to get the calculations from the server to the browser. However, in reality business rarely see the difference between web developers and web designers. So expect to do a little graphic or color work / styling as well. I am a professional web developer and have had many jobs working for several different companies. They are all the same. You are expected to work through the database and included some front end work. They may often stop in the pictures, but even then you may have to tweak the picture from time to time.

Oh and be prepared to explain what you do and that you are not the person who fixes computers everyone.
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by Matt » 2016-02-03 16:03

A Web Developer is responsible for developing a website or application in its entirety including its rear end / front-end technologies in other words, a web developer does not just create a website that does nothing, a web developer does everything from design to implementation of the required functionality. This may include a database back-end data, etc .. form

When the back-end functionality you need to implement server-side scripts such as PHP can understand the server required.

Here are some points to follow (in my opinion)

Learn script client-side Javascript
PHP or ASP.NET are popular for scripting backend
Familiar with a principle of robust design to work with (MVC is very popular)
It is not just a language or structure
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