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What is a website on top of a website?

by Anthony » 2016-01-31 15:02

I want to create my own website which will operate "on top" of existing web sites. I am now able to streamline the task of having to do it manually with different screen queries and generate output one screen.

I am authorized user of an existing website. But I do not webmaster, who have moved to other more interesting projects. So we are left with something much better than what we have, but it has become a nightmare to use efficiently.

I'm looking for a steer direction. Is there a product that will do this? Is there a set of technologies that will do this? You can map out to me the views of 30,000 foot: This is how you should do this? I had to open source, if that possibility. I'm running Linux and Windows on a separate box.

Does it make a difference what the underlying code is for an existing website?

I tried to ask this in the Joomla forum, and they think I'm trying to hack the site. I'm the last person who would want to do it: This is especially so I can do my job! I'm just trying to reduce my workload.

Thank you,
... From someone who does not developers at all, but think the computer should be able to do things that they have not been asked to do ...
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by Cheney » 2016-02-01 2:26

Please give an example, because I am unable to see the desired outcome in my head.

Like, there's this site (URL), and this is what I mean when AY "operates on top of." Whether, for example, URL, drawing photoshop ... or better description. I'm just totally not getting what you are trying to achieve.
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by Francis » 2016-02-01 22:47

I mean, I heard something like a desktop application to run a bunch of web pages / API, but not so many web pages on top of the web page. (And usually automation contrary to the terms of use are also sites for malicious purposes)
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by August » 2016-02-02 17:35

Instead of spending the time to design and implement all the hacky automation,it is probably a better use of time to simply redo parts of the site you want to change. For example, the list of registered users should probably indicate who has to pay. You can select a template email from a dropdown list and click a button to fill your data and email them. Or, when they sign perhaps not allowed unless they are current.
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