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What do you use on your Windows from web development

by Randolph » 2016-01-18 10:22

All right, so you can probably tell from the subject but I had some problems of transition from Mac to Windows. I turned around mid-2011 MacBook Air running Mac OS X Mavericks into a mid-2011 MacBook Air running Windows 10 preview. I had to go back to the web dev'ing my brains out, but it did not look too hot.

My main problem is that I can not find the application and the like which will allow my workflow to be as close to me as possible loadout Mac accelerated in terms of ease and speed.
I run:
Editor: Espresso by MacRabbit. A truly wonderful editor as simple as could be asked for, and it works like a champ.
Local Server: For a local server, you can not do much better than MAMP Pro by appsolute.

And certain database manager, but I can get it back easily. I can not, however, find a good replacement for Windows for the above applications.

I've tried Sublime, who honestly try to be similar to Espresso but it was just not very good at it. Smoother workflow and simple beauty does not exist. I often found myself pressing the Tab key in it more often than I should have to.

WAMP server, from what I saw it, too messy and disorganized. I can not wrap my mind around it, so I got rid of it.

What do you use on your Windows of web development?
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by Christopher » 2016-01-18 22:27

EasyPHP used for a while, it looked good and light. (I'm using WAMP currently.)

Sublime Text think is great, so maybe you can draw what you want in an editor, and what language (s). (Presumably PHP, JS, etc, but maybe others).
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by Alexander » 2016-01-19 10:25

I run a number of things on both my laptop and my desktop business.

Zend Server, never had a problem.
Zend Studio 11; despite growing weary of some peculiarities of late. Thought I might need to look elsewhere, which bothered me after paying for a license.

But I also run VS2013 Ultimate for Windows-based development.

And of course, MySQL and SQL Server with their management tools.
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by Cameron » 2016-01-19 22:09

There are a lot of resources to find out "where is my cheese" to win8.1 and win10. I would suggest to look at some.

I use XAMPP for my dev work.
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by Anthony » 2016-01-20 11:15

I do not do PHP development, so there is no suggestion of a variant * AMP, but as far as my editor would recommend Sublime 3. It's fast, completely customizable, and has a ton of plugins that good. I heard good things about the brackets, but also heard that it's slower. Last time I tried Atom was not ready and too slow compared to Sublime. You may also check out WebStorm. I'm using his brother, IntelliJ Idea, for many years to Java, web, and mobile development and it is a solid IDE. Webstorm obviously much smaller and web-focused from Idea.

I want to know why you are moving to Windows. No judgment. I have done a lot of development on the Windows machine in the past. This would not be my first choice. Except ... is a Windows 10 game changer for development?
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