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How to Speed The Website

by Carlos » 2016-01-10 10:24

Hey members, is there any step by step tutorial that shows you how to do things like placing JS and CSS external HTML, eliminating unnecessary and other techniques that show how to make your website faster? I have watched youtube tutorials, but I could not understand anything ... really appreciate your answer.
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by Benson » 2016-01-10 22:48

Are you talking about the wordpress site? If so, make sure you are using a caching plugin.
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by Carlos » 2016-01-11 16:42

Benson wrote:Are you talking about the wordpress site? If so, make sure you are using a caching plugin.

Yes, wordpress. It's enough to just use this plugin? I have downloaded it before but somehow messed up my website, so I'm deleting it. .. Perhaps I need to configure it somehow? Also, when I installed the plugin w3 arrests, pagespeed google insights shows that my speed is not increased, but even got smaller. How to understand this?
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by Edmund » 2016-01-12 11:16

I'm no expert, but I think a suitable hosting plan with a respectable host should all but rule out the possibility of bottlenecks on the server side, being the main cause of any slowdown.

Maybe you'd shave off, enabling gzip compression for people on slow connections, if it is supported. If, then, he usually can be activated via the cPanel or your host is equivalent, but keep in mind that this carries its own slight overload.

In addition, as you correctly identified, the biggest gains probably would come from streamlining their code and having site-wide elements accessed externally (cacheable) and loaded asynchronously, where possible.

Such measures are not easily transported despite of a post on the Forum, but there are many tutorials out there to perform each one of them. You can call on any type of page speed Analyzer, like this and this, for some tips on improvement.
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