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Languages Are Required For Web Developer

by Francis » 2016-02-02 10:24

Hello, I began to teach same code in codeacademy about 3-4 months of ago and cover HTML5/CSS, Javascript, Ruby, JQuery, PHP and now I'm working in Python. My goal is to get a job as a Junior developer in the near future, once I get a considerable practice and experience. However, after looking at some jobs on workopolis for fun, it seems that you are expected to know a large number of languages, not to mention the structures and management systems of relational database and tons of stuff that I've never heard. In addition, they seem to blend in other programming languages in there that are not web languages. I think it's better to be good in some languages, rather than "know" 30? For example, here are some ads I saw:

For Java Junior Developer:

Technical skills:
. Financial industry experience 3-5 years
. Company 3-core banking 5 years of Java experience
. IIS, ASP.NET, CSS, JQuery, Javascript, AJAX
. Communications: Web services, Enterprise Messaging (JMS/MQ/TibcoRVD/etc), FTP (secure and unsecured) 3 years ago
. JSON-3 years
. Relaxing Webservices5 years

Good to have technical:
. JS angle: 1 year
. Java Certifications

For Java/Node.JS Developer:

Proven ability to develop workplace using the node JS/GIT Stash, YAML/RAML, strong bond, JSON, HTML5, ORM/JPA, services (SOAP/REST), Jason Web Token, JAVA, J2EE, Struts, JSP, object-oriented, Web object and related technologies
Frame test-Chai/mocha.
Hands on experience with development tools-Web storm, RAD/Eclipse XML Spy, RSA, Visio, XML, XSLT (style sheets), JAXB, Log4j, jPOS
Hands on experience with development of Framework as bond ® loopback framework and UI design for multiple platforms, including multiple browsers would be an asset.
Experience with npm, public packages npm, node js, Hibernate/Spring, was, CVS/GIT/MKS, npm, Maven, ANT scripts is required.
Experience with MQ/JBOSS, cloud, YAML is required.

What I am wondering is where the hell is this candidate genius? It is very confusing to me.

Thank you
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by Cheney » 2016-02-03 14:26

You misunderstand know and read. You mentioned PHP. You can modify a plugin to display the date in mm / dd / yyyy?

Validate user input from XSS attacks?

A junior developers are expected to know a little, what is expected of them. Just because you spend a few weeks learning the syntax does not make you a developer.

You look for at least one year to understand the language well enough to become proficient. That's why they want N years of experience.
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by Franklin » 2016-02-04 11:55

They are more for the HR people. candidate genius is quite rare. Try and distinguish the primary language of the job description and determine whether you are competent in the language. You can be productive in that language and writing non-trivial application? If so, I would say in effect.
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