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How to build a simple website with horizontal scrolling

by Benson » 2016-01-07 10:19


I would like to create a website like this. .embargo? salt mer '.
It is quite simple and has a horizontal scrolling. Until now, I've been fine with working on the theme of children, but there are too many limitations (or I do not know how to correctly use a child theme?)
So, I ask you - how can I make a website like this, but it has little control over? (I would for example like to add some text (by Mads Lyhne) under ".embargo home botton", with other sizes and colors, but it seems like it's not possible?)

I've tried a few pages to build websites such as Wix, and then I felt too "locked".
It was not possible for me to start over - I'm a beginner.

Should I find a website builder program (and if so -? Yang) or should i continue with css coding in child theme?
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by Edmund » 2016-01-08 14:03

I do not think the website you reference out properly so we do not know what site you're talking about. The program website builder, you probably do not need to waste your time. Most of the time programs generate garbage code that will be a nightmare later to fix and work with. I will continue with CSS coding and see what you can do.
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by Christian » 2016-01-09 15:21

I completely agree with you! Sometimes the builder program works, but if you want a custom every edit it into a nightmare.

To scroll horizontally sites (such as MySpace) or Azure Portal Preview (Microsoft) you will want to set the height of the element to be 100% of the height of the window. Use CSS when you can, but you can also use Javascript / jQuery to set the height of this element.

Set the [CSS] overflow-x: auto; overflow-y: hidden; width: {width} px window;
^ It will set the x axis scroll bar appears when needed and hides the y-axis (up and down) scroll bar.

Make sure you have enough content to make the site want to scroll left and right, otherwise it will just look like one page.
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