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What is the traffic you get from the search engines?

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by Patrick » 2016-02-20 10:02

I know some communities receive a lot of traffic from search engines - where some have trouble getting search engines.

Therefore, do you track your traffic? If so, how much traffic you receive from the engines?
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by Gilbert » 2016-02-20 22:28

Actually I get almost 70% of my traffic from search engines and 98% of them are from Google. Other search engines contribute very little traffic.
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by Randy » 2016-02-21 12:15

You know the most of the traffic comes from Google which is about 70-75% of the search engine.
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by Warren » 2016-02-21 22:49

About three hundred visitors per day to my blog. Most of them come to my site by searching for relevant keywords in Google.
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by Marco » 2016-02-22 17:54

The majority of the users use search engines to find information on a particular topic. So the search engines to bring more traffic to our site.
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