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Guest Posting and Blog Commenting still get killed by Google

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by Hector » 2015-12-17 10:24

Those link building techniques or get killed by the Google? Maybe I did not remember correctly, but I think one of the past few years to update and finalize the blog comment backlinks people, and began to circle guest posts. Whether these are still viable?
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by Garry » 2015-12-17 22:38

Why google kill guest blogging?
Nofollow every link out of a blog? I do not think so.
Same for comment.
What they can kill tissue known blog, posting 1000 + outbound link in the comments, over optimization of anchor ...
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by Craig » 2015-12-18 11:18

It is still a useful tactic if you get links from high ranking blogs, or combines low quality link blog with links from high quality sites. It is also a good strategy if you hit a lot of blogs and generate a lot of traffic directly from there to the website, or blogs, which target longtail keywords. The traffic you get will automatically increase your rankings in the search for longtail keywords you.
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by Norman » 2015-12-18 23:29

Launch the blog commenting out. Guest registry can still be, but it has to be well done. I don't solely for SEO purposes though it would be to find sites that you can get a reference traffic.
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by Frederick » 2015-12-19 17:47

If we go by the words of Google, we'll just be building content and that's that.

They talk a lot of nonsense.

Blog comments can bring you highly targeted traffic if done in an ethical manner, offer value.

Best to change the mind-state to build links for lead generation and not for SEO.

Eric Ward (one of the top experts in SEO) if I am not wrong to say he was just building links for traffic, and 90% of traffic to a website is by referral (6 views miles / mo).

That should tell you a lot ...
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