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What is offsite optimization?

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by Forrest » 2015-11-20 8:35

I have questions, what is offsite optimization and how can it work?
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by Randall » 2015-11-20 23:49

Once you have done all the necessary activities on-page in your yard, you can start promoting your site through activities such as off-page link building. Having high quality page content while building quality links in the trusted sites will greatly help in improving search engine results pages or SERPs rankings. You can perform all development activities on posting the link listed above. Some very important things to remember when you are building links is; avoiding spam and staying away from bad neighborhood sites.
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by Matt » 2015-11-21 14:34

SEO has two parts.
1. On page
2. Off page

Off page has a lot of ways, but here I know some ways only. here I have listed.

1. Forum posting
2. Bookmarking
3. Directory submission
4. Article posting
5. press release
6. Blog Commenting
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by Adrian » 2015-11-22 4:56

Very common question I got: "What is more important is ON or OFF PAGE SEO"? Well the answer is: both are important. You can not get a good ranking if only one method used. off page optimization is a time consuming process and can not be done in a few hours or days. This process can take several months, and OFF page SEO "never-ending" activity.
On Page SEO vs. Off Page SEO One if you stop with the off page optimization, it is just meters away when the website of the competition will take your place. That is why the payment for off page search engine optimization is periodic.
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by Julio » 2015-11-23 11:13

On site SEO and seo off site ... both techniques are important to increase website traffic and ranking.
SEO on site:
When you start the seo on your site then first check the seo on site. Below are some techniques are primarily used in seo on site.
1. check the density of keywor
2. meta tags
3. alt tags
4. check content

Off-site SEO is used to get backlinks and traffic. Some offpage seo techniques are below:
Directory submission
Posting Forum
Blog commenting
Publication of article
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