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by Toby » 2015-12-11 14:16

Hello, everyone.

Link building is a very important task for the top search engine ranking. There are several way to get more back-links.

1-Article submission and comment posting.
2-Own blog creation and comments on travel related blogs.
3-Participation in travel forums and place a link in signature.
4-Submission in bookmarking sites.
5-Submission in travel related directories.
6-Link exchange with good PR sites.
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by Klein » 2015-12-12 4:09

This is no different for different niches is the same method followed by all companies online and you can do the same to hire an seo expert, he knows how to promote an online travel site.
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by Carlton » 2015-12-12 18:38

Here I want to give a piece of advice that you should hire an SEO person well known who is an expert in SEO and things I think will be best for you.
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by Jeffery » 2015-12-13 8:15

Yes, these are standard suggestions. While most of us aren't professional writers and even commenting requires some time and thought.

A sig link on a travel Forum is good, but how many are there?
Bookmarking is good, but very, very time consuming, unless you know how to automate it.
Directory submission was good for five years, are not lists of FFA, link exchanges or paid for ads.

Good PR sites will not be so excited to link out to you for no reason.

So, let's be realistic. Where you can find thousands of incoming links?
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by Russell » 2015-12-14 3:25

Web content has always been the King of SEO – website content recent Google algorithm updates Panda became the emperor. Each of the updates that punished poor practices, finally, pointed out one thing: exclusive and engaging content is here to stay.
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by Benson » 2015-12-14 23:23

Great suggestions, but there is one thing you forgot to mention that: the content of your site. Is the most important thing of all. You do not want your potential customer to visit your site from one of your links and ended up disappointed by the content of your site and spreading rumors bad about your site. I found a lot of good tips and guide on this subject here. Is a little General (not for travel site, but all kinds of sites), but it is quite useful to you, in my opinion.
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