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Advice are needed for web developement

by Hubert » 2016-02-13 15:21

I just created a website using PHP, AJAX, JS, HTML and CSS. I do not use anything other than Bootstrap framework. Now I wonder what I should do next because many jobs require the use of templates. I am not sure that is a PHP framework to try to learn and I could use some guidance / advice. Could you also tell me which specific IDE you find most useful? thank you
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by Andrew » 2016-02-14 2:33

Framework will generally particular shop. Without knowing where you are, or what's in your area, we can use different frameworks of what you should be researching. Is there a framework contained in job postings?
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by Shawn » 2016-02-15 11:54

One essay that you can quickly get into, given your current technology, it would be something like laravel. This is a PHP framework and is getting quite popular among PHP. It will also teach you some very important things ...
1) How to use templates
2) How to use MVC architecture
3) Using the database migration
These will then help you make into other frameworks such as Rails, Django and .NET MVC.
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by Cosmo » 2016-02-16 10:16

Laravel is a good choice. According to my experience, for this type of role, less that you have great experience and that you understand how they work. I have been asked for almost anything that is built in PHP, including some I've never heard of. How do they handle the display and the data is more important.
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