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Any good php framework suggestion for this project?

by Matt » 2016-02-11 14:45

I am new to web development and I'm trying to learn html, js and css.
Now I am planing to make a project of the school management and the school website
and I will use mysql database and php for server side and angularjs for the front-end.
And I need to include functions such as students can see their presence on related subjects
which programs they sign up, the teacher assigned and students' personal data, and also my website should also show news related to the school and students can login and teachers can also login to increase attendance etc.

Now what I need advice from people that I have to manually create a website using html, css, js, or go with angularjs because either way I have to learn from scratch and implement them?
and also any good php framework suggestions for this project
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by Adrian » 2016-02-12 4:52

Have you already known PHP?

The AngularJs I would say yes go for it. If you do not know what Javascript I would recommend getting familiar with it first though.

Are you set on PHP? If you learn something totally new anyway I will go towards NodeJs.
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by Julio » 2016-02-12 20:27

Why do you need php framework? php base will do.

If you do not know basic html, css, and javascript then I would suggest nailing a problem with it versus some html extender like angularjs ...
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by Abraham » 2016-02-13 8:15

Node.js is a server side, not client-side. Basically substitution for PHP and any HTTP server runs on. - Understand that there is a lot of bias against PHP among developers (not entirely without reason, but still quite excessive in my opinion) so that many people will take every opportunity to direct you to other options.

PHP is a viable option, as long as you make sure you do not learn from disreputable sources, such as tutorial decades old. (Anything that indicates "mysql_query" function should be avoided at all costs.) - W3Schools not OK to HTML and CSS, but when it comes to the actual programming language like PHP, it's not the best. Maybe not so bad to avoid it completely, but they certainly have a lot of room for improvement.

As for the use of the framework, either on the server or client side, I have to agree with Modi. If you are a beginner in this case, they will only complicate the problem. You should Learn to walk before you try to run.
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