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by Cheney » 2016-02-09 17:35

Hello forks,

I have a basic html web development skill and advanced Accounting and Excel Macro Skills.

I want to develop accounting software has the following features;

1- It should be online / web based where different users with different access rights can access
2- It must include database features so that the financial records of different entities can be maintained and accessed using advanced query set. namely advanced search should be possible
3- It must be secure so that no one could hack
4- It should be allowed to enter into the calculation formula advanced and enables features calculator
5- Can be easily accessed on the web without installing any software or plugins
6- Allow to print / export reports in pdf excel etc.

My question is, given my requirements and in the light of what I know in the world of programming (html and Excel Macros) which programming language should I learn to develop over the necessary software.

Your help will be appreciated and I will keep in mind you as my first master in the programming world until now I have to learn everything from online sources.
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by Franklin » 2016-02-10 2:28

Sounds like a main skill you need is the ability to hire a good programmer. At least, if you want this to be developed in the next few years, which will be your best plan.
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by Forrest » 2016-02-10 22:47

This base 101 .. you need a web front end and side end / back server dealing with the database. The front end is your html / CSS / javascript. the back end is a language like ASP.NET, ruby, php, etc. Database usually - for creating web - coming in MYSQL.
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by Randall » 2016-02-11 12:56

Security is not something that you should apply after the fact. If you are not educated about the language and the shortcomings, educate yourself. If you are not willing to work on security, then why go through with the project? "Just get it to work" and review later is the worst business practices ever.
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