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Is there a static site generator or CMS for something like t

by Norman » 2016-02-07 9:17

Is there a static site generator or CMS for something like this?
I've been asking everywhere, it can not seem to get any good answers. Some background. I created a project for my work (I am not a mechanic for a web developer). Basically graphics are very detailed html files (heavy) on mounting a machine disassemble, etc., so that the mechanics of other areas can work on computers that are unfamiliar. Its configured with a principal, then several sub-pages for each plant page, each pant has pages for each machine, then the procedures below them. Pages are in our company server, not the actual Internet. Right now I have about 30 pages html. Potentially there could be hundreds. So how do you manage such a huge place? I first heard in establishing a CMS, so it uses Bootstrap to make every page has exactly the same structure just with different pictures and data. Then read static site generators. The problem is that all the documentation I see if for blogs, this is something totally different. The thing is I'm not a web developer, I only know HTML, CSS, Javascript and am learning angle. Is there a static site generator or CMS for something like this?
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by Frederick » 2016-02-07 21:03

I do not know what kind of mechanic who you are, but I would like to follow the design flow alldata.

Actually server side programming is needed. one page template is created and pulling page of information relevant to the piece of equipment from a storage device, such as a database.

Otherwise you are looking at hundreds of thousands of html files and makes the system unmanageable.
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by Hector » 2016-02-08 10:52

Bootstrap is not a CMS, it's just a library / JS CSS to help the layout of your site in terms of responsiveness, etc. It is useless in terms of management or organization of its contents.

What problems do you foresee running on your site? I would just think maintaining good directory structure to avoid big problems.

Really I can not comment on CMS Wordpress too, because it is the only one I've actually used - and that does not really fit with what you have here - you're not really developing a blog. The problem with CMS 'is that you can add a lot of complexity and unnecessary overhead, which is not worth the gains that may / may not have.

I recently switched to Jekyll Wordpress for my blog for simplicity. You may want to check out Jekyll. It is basically a template engine where you can write your content in reducing the price and have to generate your site full of HTML. I'm loving so far and the best part is no data base PHP or unnecessary to deal with - it's incredibly fast. In your case I think I could make good use of the designs / includes essentially independent of content in a predefined structure (the only real problem I can see with your current solution - if you want to change the layout, etc). In theory, it could work well - I'm not sure how you can deal with their nested structure, but probably worth a look anyway.
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by Elias » 2016-02-08 23:11

From your description it will not create or modify pages dynamically. You might eventually be hundreds, but each page, once created, is static and permanent part of the site. Only templates for page types, and sensible folder structure and naming conventions is needed.
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