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Would Customers Care Which Server Side Platform?

by Cosmo » 2016-02-04 10:16

When customers asked to make a personalized web site, whether they insist / demand or rather some server side technology (eg ASP, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, etc ...). or simply do not seem to care?
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by Leland » 2016-02-04 22:40

The most of customers have no idea of what is there, how it works, or what the differences are. It is your job as the expert in the field to ensure the hardware specifications and everything else are true. In fact, most do not even know what they need. Those who do are usually quite stubborn about how to do so.
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by Ruben » 2016-02-05 8:19

They usually do not care about specifics, but obviously they will care about the end result; how much the project will cost and how long it takes.

As you said that your role as an expert to assess what is needed and give customers a good choice.

On the other hand, there are always people out there who think they can figure everything out yourself, and go do some sort of "research" on the technology before the hands (meaning: a 10-minute Google search), and then force you to follow what conclusions stupid they come to based on it.

More often than not ended with they insist you use WordPress ...
(When it comes to development, the customer is most definitely not always true.)
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by Patrick » 2016-02-05 22:21

Customer - "This technology is free - let's use that '!
Developer - "But it does not fit at all with their use cases'
Customer - "I'm sure you can work something A lot of other companies are using '!
Developer -. "It would be much better to use this is obtained x, y, z '.
Customer - "I do not think we need all that, this option would be much easier!

Customers with little technical knowledge about always go for the cheapest option that will do the job. The problem is that if you agree with it, then falls on his head to offer. They may want to reuse something that already use / have experience with (though does not fit all) so they know what is going to get in terms of maintenance. They may also have opinions based on your hardware (for example, do not have Windows servers so why do we ASP.Net). Again, this could be valid or simply do not know what they need - it's your job to tell them.
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