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Are there any PHP and MySQL tutorials?

by Jeffery » 2016-01-15 9:16

I'm looking for a few good (and free) PHP and MySQL tutorial.

I am a student of computing and I have become quite good with HTML and CSS, and also get my head around Javascript. However I was really lacking in knowledge-side break. I want to start developing several small websites so I can start building my portfolio, and to do this I had to start learning PHP and MySQL. I think the best way to start is by following a few tutorials, but I could not find anything good that does either 10 years old or requires some prior knowledge of server-side.

Can anyone recommend some good tutorials are easy to follow and understand for beginners server-side?
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by Russell » 2016-01-15 22:20

FWIW, PHP is not the only language that can be used on the server - Python, Ruby, JavaScript are several that are widely used for the server side of a web application these days. There is nothing wrong with learning PHP, but all I'm saying is that is not the only language available.
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by Eugene » 2016-01-16 16:14

The first thing to note is that Python and Ruby is a general purpose programming languages - they are not specifically designed for writing web applications and consequently are used for many things. That does not mean they are not suitable for writing web applications, though.

Like most languages, additional functionality comes in the form of third-party libraries. Both Python and Ruby have a library for writing web applications. It's doing things like that allow you to handle GET and POST requests, pass the data to a template engine for generating dynamic pages, session, and anything else you might need. Thus, it allows you to create server side of your applications like PHP will.
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