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Can you tell which CMS would you recommend?

by Hector » 2015-12-01 10:12

My friend tried to update its web site and is very simple. but want to make it update.

It was done many years ago and he has been tinkering with it and make it very ugly. So now I want to bring him up to date and make it a content managed website.

It just needs to have a simple side menu with sub products and if you click on a product that will bring you into the Product Description details.

So for example if you click on the "compressor-Jack hammers" it will have a list on the right, and if you click on one item for example 8hp compressor 12cfm will bring another page with more details of the item's image or the instructions for use of the dll or any other notes about the product. but no need to have an option to "add to cart" or "purchase"

Seems simple enough, and there are many "carts" out there but I don't want to have the option.

If a developer willing to create custom front end/back end for me also please contact me so we can talk and discuss the price.
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by Johnmicheal » 2015-12-01 22:32

The very need for updates. Most any CMS will work depends only on the level of understanding. Are you a coder at all?
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by Benson » 2015-12-02 16:46

Yes, I tried to look for a decent theme for Word press but whatever i was looking for a site badly or simply cannot find anything that fit the needs. Recommendations?

I have some basic knowledge of HTML and pick up things quickly.
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by Carlos » 2015-12-03 8:25

I don't have much experience with Wordpress, but there are literally thousands of themes out there. I know that has quite a few. Specifically you can find something as well as themes for a rental business and find results.
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by Edmund » 2015-12-03 22:09

With WordPress you can easily get the appropriate theme and it's very easy to manage. Try searching for related niche WordPress themes I think you can find one for you with ease!! Thank you!!
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