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How to handle Drupal 8

by Benjamin » 2016-01-08 8:49

I've started the modules and development of themes for clients who want to learn Drupal site. Now, I read an article that Drupal 8 will force the current OOP development and change how things work. So, I still need to learn how long to client now and then move on to a better way when version 8 hit the mainstream.

It's good to be a web developer!
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by Earnest » 2016-01-09 10:06

Meh .. people get on well with the first seven major iteration with drupal, and will advance eight will be around for quite some time ... you just happened to jump over the transition period .. obvious mistake of your clients!
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by Wesley » 2016-01-10 10:27

Currently I admin several drupal 7 sites and I was told by the developer that yes, as you say, Drupal 8 changed a lot.
My advice would be if this will be a long-term customers, from Drupal 8 will be worth the investment of time to learn. If this would be a project once and done, I'm just going to use Drupal 7.
OOP increasingly introduced in Drupal 8. The other big change is the configuration that is being transferred from the database and to a YAML file. The changes are then 'staged' rather than directly performed. It also allows for configuration changes to be pushed through git, rather than have a site breaks with new git commit and then followed by configuration changes via the web UI.
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