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How to deal with the hosting problem

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by Earnest » 2016-02-14 14:43

A few days ago, I had to upgrade my hosting plan. I have $ 10 hosting plans, so I'm enjoying a good return on investment, until I began to go beyond the site of CPU usage limits. The problem Googlebot It is constantly crawling in 4 per my site, in other words, about 350,000 pages a day caused. So I moved it to a dedicated server. The site has 5000 page views a day, and therefore nothing compared to Googlebot activity. This is why I hosted in shared hosting it, it is also the site engine optimization, so it will be processed as soon as a challenge page. It is a database query processing between 0.0004 ... 0.002 seconds.

My choice is to either make the query faster crawl speed limit requests per second or upgrade the host.

I do not know how to do?
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by Wesley » 2016-02-15 1:05

2 pages per second limit is the very highest setting in Webmaster Tools, do not you? You can take way lower than that, and may have to be unless your content changes constantly?
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by Dave » 2016-02-15 20:08

Some hits both seem plausible. My host (reseller Rackspace Cloud Sites) costs $ 5 / mo for beginners, but Cloud dynamically growing to adjust to the correct level to handle the traffic. Obviously the cost of growing, too, but it may not be much of a problem for you.

And yes, database optimization are also key.
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by Berry » 2016-02-16 16:11

You must have a host who install something like Varnish. That will allow you to serve more traffic then you now. You also need to adjust Apache and set the swap correctly so that you can handle the traffic. After I installed the varnish and Apache with the arrangements set swappiness less than 10 for the cache, swap. I have seen 100 requests a second on my server and I've never gone more than 20% cpu.

If you have a real traffic then hosting account is a waste of time. The best advice is setup vpn in the digital sea. For $ 10 per month you may be able to handle the unique 10-30k is a day of real traffic.Bots like Googlebot overhead is quite low if your server is setup correctly. If you have the proper cache you will head down a lot.

Weakness You will either have to learn how to run a server or pay someone to help you. If you want to pay someone Rackspace good or looking for a place that managed VPN. You also need at least 1gb ram too.
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