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Viewing problem of secure files

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by Travis » 2016-02-12 8:17

Hello guys,
I am working on a project that requires a secure file view. Now I know that in order to see the file, the browser will store a copy in the tmp directory, but there are ways to prevent downloading or storing (apart from obvious screenshot) even in the form of plug-paid?
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by Haribabu » 2016-02-13 4:27

Without downloading you can not even see the file, so that nothing is clear.

The savings in the directory while I am not sure if this is handled by the browser itself or if the browser relay is part of the job to the OS. if you want to intercept that you will have to look in the documentation plugin infrastructure if their browser allows you to connect to it.
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by Markroberts » 2016-02-14 15:43

Then you must have some viewer or server controlled Plugin. Like java or flash of interest on the text in the plugin and the plugin is only ..
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by Affiliatehelpr » 2016-02-14 22:07

Maybe plugins such as Flash, combined with encryption. The incoming data stream to be encrypted so that even if they save they can not do much, and it will be decrypted and displayed in the plugin.
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