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Questions about creating a picture "URL"?

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by Carlton » 2016-02-10 11:12

Questions about creating a picture "URL"?
Please ... just wondering if anyone could tell me some html code? I have an idea I've edited into a table, and now I want to make it a URL?
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by Jeffery » 2016-02-10 21:27

Creating images "url" is done by uploading it somewhere. The best place is, because you do not even need to register to upload images and mega fast and simple, and you get all kinds of code you need (direct link, links to forums, code html links etc.
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by Russell » 2016-02-11 11:31

You may use wordpress to do that, it will be hosted free
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by Eugene » 2016-02-12 2:51

1) You have to upload your images to a server via FTP ... remember the directory where the image resides.

ie you upload your images to

2) Once that's done, your URL will become: (where picture.jpg is the file name of your image ... this URL examples are based on sample directory in Step 1 above)

3) To put an image to the website, you will need to use this code:

<Img src = ""> </ img>

exactly like that ....

4) If you want to make your images clickable link, you will do it like this ...

<a href=""> <img src = ""> </ img> </a>

Where is the page where you want visitors to go to after they click on the image.

Do not forget to copy the code exactly as it is or it will mess up everything.
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