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What's the best method to interlink "kitted" products?

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by Francis » 2016-02-04 16:13

Hi all,

I'm building a website to showcase products containing other products.

The main products can be ordered, AND, each item can also be booked.

So for example, a page may show a picture of a gift basket, and register as sku 1001, then under the list of components that come with it, saying mustard (sku 2001), bread (sku 3001), ham (sku 4001) and cheese (sku 5001 ).

Clicking on any component will take you to a page that displays the sku, so clicking sku 2001 will feature its own mustard.

I'm sure there are many ways to accomplish this, but I have to upload about two thousand products, and has a "kitted" items appear in this way.

Bill of Material (or content) is available for each item kitted. This is the basis for connecting the components to the main product sku.

Utilizing a templated site is fine. I try Shopify but could not find a way to display assembled or "kitted" products in this way.

What is the best method?
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by August » 2016-02-05 11:25

You need a table that connects the elbow to the basket of goods / super gift for sku number of components. Then you can query the super sku item to view the parts available.
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by Cheney » 2016-02-06 8:49

I am going to start by investigating the eCommerce platform that might fit the bill. But if you are more interested in building a ground-up I'll start figuring out the design of the database. You will need a minimum of something like a table of products that may connect back to itself.
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