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Any suggestions for me to set up an e-platform?

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by Randolph » 2016-02-03 8:49

Hello all. A friend and I were in the process of setting up a company in the area of ​​e-commerce. Therefore we need a web page that is creative and innovative, which serves fast and unique look.
We have asked a group of programmers and designers (they are called DMT of Peru, as we will operate in Peru as well) for the bid to design and develop this platform.
As my friend and I do not have the IT knowledge we would like to ask a professional about their opinion to consider their proposals for some of the features that will be required incl time seems somehow skeptical.

The whole set-up / programming platform (front- and back-end) will take 52 days (8h per day we counted)
design (25days) and mockups (20days) as the previous step.

webstore, to give a general impression of how the page could eventually emerge, will be a mix of features and pinterest remember front- and backend.

We just want to give a few examples from the list of features is proposed considering the caracteristics DMT platform that we like.

-Page: Feature (h h required)

-registration Page send e-mail after the registration process (8h backend)
Weather -registration: registration via facebook (12h 4h backend the frontend)
-login Page: field validation (4h 6h backend the frontend)
-homepage: search function (6h 6h backend the frontend)
-business profile: a list of products (10h 12h backend the frontend)
-product profile: information products (6h 8h backend the frontend)
Weather -Shopping basket: payment options (4h 2h backend the frontend)

There are many more features, but this should give you a general insight about what they offer.

Given all this information we hope, that there are some dreamcoders can give their opinion about the victim DMT valuable. If it is realistic with respect to the features, such as pages and hours you have only been seen or otherwise.

We look forward hearing from you and appreciate every signle opinion.

Thanks and have a great day.
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by Christopher » 2016-02-03 23:42

The age of the company is not necessarily a detractor, which is the ability of developers who have. Ask for references from previous customers to be able to provide that.

I'm not sure specifically what I asked, but I've been in some sort of developing more or less a decade.
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by Alexander » 2016-02-04 17:15

Have you talked to their references? Once again they can not be the only group of developers Peru out there.

At worst you can consider using the existing web store template and modify it .. though it becomes questionable in security .. as there is no mention of security for payment, login, etc.

At the end of the day you have to believe and trust people you do the job. If you think you're getting screwed then run .. if the complexity of your vision seems to fit the time frame, mile stones, and their efforts to express then cool.
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by Cameron » 2016-02-05 2:51

If you can not get in touch with them and then let DMT reference knew it. Also, instead of DMT provides contact information, it's always better if they just tell you who the company is and you are looking for a way to contact them. You do not want them to provide contact information of friends or their employees so you just end up calling DMT think you're talking to one of their clients.
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by Anthony » 2016-02-06 18:31

It is a great contribution of input for selecting a company for web / project outsourcing your mobile phone.

I also want to add some points in the list, which can help you make a wise choice depends on the following factors that will help you to find the eCommerce web development company is right:

1. Understand the company's experience and check whether the company is fluent what is expected of them.

Check the technical expertise of their web development teams to ensure that they are fit for the job.

2. Do not forget to check out their company's portfolio and references.

3. Look at the testimonials and reviews offered by their clients.

4. Check if the company hired have enough team members to carry out the project.

5. Be sure to check out the cost factor and ask quotes and service packages.
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