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by Johnmicheal » 2016-02-08 12:25

Ok because I am relatively new to web development I am trying to wrap my head around most systems and options available. What I want verification on my understanding of all the available platforms for web developers.

So if I'm correct.

Things like Plone, WordPress and Joomla are all content delivery system. They allow you to provide multimedia, website management and security of your site's template.

Things like bootrap methods, Kickstart and Boilerplate is a site template. They offer a shell empty sites with specific vendors eye-candy and functions so that you can quickly customize and build a site without fumbling around with back-end crap.

A CDN is a network of ready-made script archived sourceable directly from the web without having to host on your own system / server thus increasing the speed of a website browseable.

JQueary / Javascript plugin can be sourced online, including the script tag in the main HTML document and referred you to add functionality to a web site. As officially released piece of code?

If I'm right about the framework, if anyone can suggest to have a bonus attached to portfolio / image-oriented website?

Finally, if you're hardcore you do not need these things and theoretically can develop a site from scratch ..?

Thanks, and sorry for this list really n00by question.
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by Carlos » 2016-02-09 1:03

There is much that can be said for everyone, but in summary:

- If
- Mark and etc are Bootstrap front-end frames. They help with the side of HTML / CSS / JS client to get your site a pleasant appearance with minimal effort on your part.
- Quite. CDN typically it used for things like jQuery / able bootstrap, etc. as well as more libraries / frameworks that small scripts
- If
- I think jQuery offers some plugins that you could use for images such as a good spectator / Carousel / slides, etc. There is a charge out there!
- Yes, in theory you could do everything yourself, but you can also make the most of the time savers out there to help
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by Edmund » 2016-02-09 17:14

At the beginning, most want to prove how good they are. Professional developers use a lot of existing code, either their own or that are, to expedite projects. So, yes you get to a level where you can do everything from scratch, but usually at the time you see the exact reason why I should not. That does not mean that everything that can be found only if you need already exists, do not reinvent the wheel.
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