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How do the administrator see different content from the user

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by Horace » 2016-01-17 15:56


I tried to write a blog from scratch, and I'm trying to plan everything before I start coding. I am a bit confused about how I go about updating web content without including the code more. I do not plan to use the "user" of the system. Enough, I'm trying to update the content (ie posting a new blog post) to the site so that users can only view the updated content, and the ability to edit the contents of his own.

I'm not sure what this concept is called or how to actually go about implementing it. How do I (administrator) to view content that is different from the user?
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by Travis » 2016-01-18 1:20

Have you studied the way a "content management system" works?
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by Haribabu » 2016-01-18 17:45

I know you said from the beginning, but there is no reason why you can not go with a CMS that is already established.

WordPress is by far the most popular with its more than 300,000 plugin and excellent support from the open source community. Joomla is also a good choice. There are tons of great CMS out there that will not require you to write your own from scratch. I imagine that would be very tedious and difficult effort possible. I would suggest going with one of the established system.
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by Markroberts » 2016-01-19 9:32

I understand the desire of code is like a learning experience, I did the same thing. However, I am curious why they have that attitude against Wordpress.
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by Affiliatehelpr » 2016-01-19 22:27

The current version is a bit more sane, but older versions of WP looks like their first project someone who just finished college with work experience. It felt really hacky and thrown together, in fact it still bothers me that they have a huge list of functions (such as has_posts (), the the_post (), etc) rather than a proper class and object layout. In the end, it seems like they are trying to make it "friendly" for non-programmers, who have side effects so that "stupid" to the actual programmers. This is in addition to the fact that almost every theme developers have decided to structure the themes they are really different from almost every other theme developers. Really the only job I do with WP help friends of non-programmers to fix problems, and without fail my first job will be through themes to find out how this particular idiot decided to put it up. This can be a nightmare with all filters, plugins, and things to try and trace back and look for the file and the line is responsible for a specific part of the output. This is even more fun when the plugin and things started working correctly and at odds with each other. It just happened last night, we ended the night with he told his clients that we are both looking at the known number of hours to even determine what the problem before we can try to fix it, or to change the themes and plugins and redo the site so it kind of makes sense to start with.
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