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Is it some script that automates the process from a template

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by Berry » 2016-01-12 11:23

I just started learning Web Development and as the new people that we all have questions.

Basically I've tried goggling but does not succeed, probably because I'm not sure how to phrase the question.

So I'll give you an example and hopefully this helps.

When you upload a video to YouTube, and then upload the video you are given pages, comments etc .. are stored in, have someone basically sitting there in the background and a hard coded URL of the video and pictures to the web page? Because when I click on Chrome's look at the elements looked as if someone had .. how is this? What are some scripts that automate the process of template?

The same as many pages as you see this right now, I just posted this question and yet it has been given a new web page (as can be seen from URL) without someone hard coding so how does it work?

I may just confuse you because I just confused myself.

But can anyone explain?
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by Seth » 2016-01-12 22:29

It is server-side programming.
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by Orlando » 2016-01-13 8:09

The most basic aspect is that the URL includes the ID of some sort, and the website looked IDs in the database to get information about what to display. Youtube link also has the ID in the URL. That's the general idea. In practice, there is a server-side language that does it all. Perhaps using the template, or perhaps the programmer simply writes HTML snippet into the code. They also can use a URL rewrite to create URLs that include a title or other text even though it does not point to a file on the server.
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by Eliasl » 2016-01-14 10:21

It is a thing called "content management systems". Basically you have a page template that extracts data from the database and fills the page content. Typically there is a unique identifier in the URL to find out what data away.

This also means that may appear to have many pages, but really only have page / HTML PHP real one and multiple rows of data.
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