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The techniques to comment without showing my real IP?

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by Victor » 2015-07-19 16:18

Hello guys in the forum thanks in advance
I am having a problem with blog comments. Every time I try to comment, it says I am blocked. I am using private proxies. I tried the local cffee shop and the comment goes through so the problem must be either the ip address has been used and abused already, or maybe they know it's a proxy and that's what triggers the filter to block me.
but I don't want to continue to use the coffee shop to spam because I think it's a crime. I am in USA.
The question is, how can I comment without showing my real ip and still get past the filter? I just need an ip address that has never been used to spam?
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by Yves » 2015-07-21 13:18

LOL, are you using a private browsing window and not leaving cookies around?
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by Benedict » 2015-07-25 10:18

In my opinion a good private browser is easiest probably. They make some that you can throw proxies into, etc.

Also consider that if you're using a Starbucks wifi, which it sounds like you are, they get banned if people spam with them. Also signing up (not in, but up) with things like Facebook won't work there usually.
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