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Can you answer me the questions of tumblr?

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by Vickey » 2015-01-26 8:34

The questions are below which Tumblr Bot's are able to Scrape Specific Tumblr blog which i will provide and reblog/like them.

for example:

1. i want the bot to Scrape URL's of 'X' tumblr blog.
2. And Reblog the Url's to my 'Y' tumblr blog.

any help will be appreciated.
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by Sam » 2015-01-28 9:35

I have something to do this moment If want to give any suggestions on how you think this could work better, hit me a pm
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by Tony1986 » 2015-01-29 8:34

My suggestion is if blog is indexed then you can use any scraper


then use any poster to post it on y blog.
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