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Share you the article backlinks Strategies.

Social Media is a huge source of potential traffic, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz or any other social platform. Discuss how to get traffic here.

by Alex » 2013-09-16 13:18

Share you the article backlinks Strategies
I'm trying to plan out my SEO strategy for a new site I'm building which will focus on job interviewing. The competition is pretty tough for most keywords so I will need some pretty good backlinks from respected sites. I want to see if this plan would work and if you guys can help me think of additional ways to increase the link base. Let me know flaws you see in this strategy as well.

1) Interview recruiters from recruiting firms
For example do a Q&A or have them answer tough behavioral interview questions - then post the interview and do a link swap, where i refer to their site and they refer to mine on their companies blog. Especially at the beginning phase, I think these links will be beneficial if the company website is well established and has a high PR.

2) Linkedin posts
I plan to join lots of groups within linkedin, for example "tech jobs" and "java programmer" and share my blog posts - I have seen personally that these types of groups have lots of recruiters, and recruiters do a good job of trying to stay relevant in their areas of recruiting and often share job interview advice and insight they see. They also share a lot of blog posts from their own company, but i could see this as a good way to get them to spread around my blog post - if it is of good quality.

3) Pinterest infographics
Do these result in backlinks? I think I could make some good infographics but not really sure what the result would be.. i assume pinterest links are nofollow.

Outside of that, the typical strategy of emailing bloggers in the job search and interviewing space and ask for guest posts. Any other strategies would be helpful!
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