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Can i embed any YouTube videos on my site?

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by Wesley » 2016-01-20 10:16

Are you allowed to insert any YouTube video on your content site? Publisher would ever get angry? Google will never penalize your site? If activated in the YouTube embed code, it is good to do?
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by Dave » 2016-01-20 22:29

Yes, you can do it. But you can not claim the contents of your own work.
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by Berry » 2016-01-21 15:56

According to my experience you are allowed to.

Although if someone had put their video as 'unlisted' they might not want to share, so I will not be in that case.
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by Seth » 2016-01-22 1:43

As others have mentioned only if they are embed code you can add to your site. The video owner will get a backlink and video together for more people. general thinking is that also has a You Tube video embeded also give your site a little boost, a win-win for everyone!
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by Orlando » 2016-01-23 18:56

I want to embed you tube video on my site and this mini films help lower the bounce rate for me. Well, it creates a more enriched user experience. Make you more traffic as well as consumers. However, link rot is a problem. Often videos are taken down and you have to monitor what is happening. Customers want to see the products you use. Asking consumers questions and they will comment on the Mini film.
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