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The quickest way to get facebook likes , can you recommend?

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by VivianMediaService » 2015-01-05 10:25

The below is my question.
I had recently started promoting our company Facebook webpage by going to related facebook groups and posting about our company and Facebook page, but are there things that I can do to really bump up the page other than through Paid Advertising or through incentivized contests?

Need some ideas on how to really start building the page and getting some traffic to our site eventually.
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by JudeSeoer » 2015-01-06 9:26

Ok, there are some steps you can follow, share images from the page to your own timeline and include the instructions to like and share. This gets it a wider audience straight away depending how big your own friend list is. By adding like and share you are instructing people what to do and this will have a better conversion.
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by Littleroman » 2015-01-07 14:35

I have a more inspirational way,I set up a pretty solid contest that worked well.

I had a $100 like contest to like our Facebook page, and then promoted the contest over my app and website as well.

In the promotion on app and website (not Facebook page) I also included a $20 contest to share the post.

I had 4000 fans when it started, my first post got 1000 shares and 2400 new page likes in 5 days, which cost me $120.

I've rinsed and repeated over the last month, and been doing about 900 new likes a week at a cost of $120 so not too bad.

Diminishing returns so I'll probably be ending this soon but not a bad way to get a quick pop in likes.

It has a prerequisite of having a site with some traffic, and people coming to your site who like contests, probably not long term scalable but a nice one off for sure.
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