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by AlieeBlack » 2014-08-23 8:16

Mind Socail Media. Believe yourself you can do it , good article share with you guys.
There will be people in your life that don't believe you can
be a successful Entrepreneur. They will try to discourage
you from accomplishing your ambitions. (Maybe because
they don't have the courage to accomplish their dreams.)

Don't listen to them: Your success is your success.

Maybe more than any other factor, your belief in yourself is
what will make you successful. It's easy to believe in yourself
in the beginning and when everything is going well, however,
it's when you're faced with setback and/or "failure" that your
belief will really be tested.

This is what separates the "Winners" from the "Losers."

The vast majority of people will give up at this point. Why?
Simply because they don't believe they have what it takes to
be successful. Some people will still believe in themselves
and look at "failure" as a learning experience that will take
them closer to their goals. As I learned from my Brother

There's no such thing as failure. Either
you accomplish your goal or you learn
something. Either way, you win.

If you just remember that one piece of advice you will be in
the top percentage of people who make their Entrepreneurial
dreams a reality.

Here are 2 tips to build your self-confidence:

1. Remember you previous successes. You have
accomplished much more than you realize. Everything
from learning how to walk and talk to getting your first job,
your life can be looked at like a series of little successes

2. Consider "programming" your brain with empowering
affirmations. To make them more influential, write them
down and meditate on them every day right before and after
sleeping. A good one to get you going is:

"I can accomplish anything I set my mind

Finally, don't be concerned with those people that don't
believe in you. They're there as a "test" and it's something
that almost every successful Entrepreneur had to deal with.

Good luck.
: )
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