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Great article! how Discipline can change you in a month

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by Cornell » 2014-04-30 16:30

The following is what I think
There are many strategies to making yourself a better and more productive person. The first of these can be stated in one word: Discipline.

No matter how carefully you’ve planned out your life you can’t hope to achieve your goals and dreams without discipline. It is a key ingredient to achieving success and doubling your effectiveness.

Some time ago I bought a home that needed a lot of work. I enjoyed working with my hands and had made it a habit to buy a house, live in it while I fixed it up, then sell it when I was finished at a profit. This home needed more work than I knew upon buying it and the time frame for fixing it had to be expanded. Often I’d look around almost in despair and think “I’m never going to finish.” This thought made it impossible to even try and my deadline passed without the home being finished. I wasn’t disciplined enough.

Luckily for me discipline is a choice you make every minute and every hour of every day. Discipline is focusing on a chosen activity until it is completed. Discipline is something you DO not something you HAVE. You have the freedom to act with discipline and decisiveness at any time of any day. To become a “disciplined person” only requires for you to DO discipline over and over until it becomes a habit.

This isn’t always easy. Your mind when not given instruction and direction wanders in many directions, eating away your time and accomplishing little. Your mind is an obedient servant. It will do EXACTLY what you tell it to, provided you tell it and show it you mean to by your actions. Allowing interruptions or delaying the start of a project because you don’t “feel” like doing it is the result of failing to choose to be disciplined.

Discipline is power. It keeps you moving forward even when it feels as if the whole world is pulling you back. It keeps you on time, every time, and allows you to keep all your agreements with yourself and others.

Discipline is the process of total time control.

I did finish that house. It took me longer than originally planned because I did not DO discipline to begin with, but after I stopped allowing my mind to wander where it would and told it what it was going to do, despite being tired or overwhelmed, it didn’t take long at all before I finished.
Discipline is essential to success. Learn to do discipline, make it a habit, and your ability to accomplish will run on autopilot without your needing to result to excuses for inaction. You succeed by consciously choosing to act like a disciplined person.
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