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Ahrefs reports can we rely on this ?

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by Marvin » 2015-10-16 10:13

I have a question I recently borrowed an ahrefs account from my friend to do some research on my site backlinks. But after hours of researching, I feel that I can't believe this site reports.

For example: I have uploaded a video about a project on my Youtube account and put a link on the description field. Why didn't ahrefs include this link in the report?

I also have a lot of blog sites like wordpress, blogger, livejournal, etc. Have links to point to my site too. Why didn't they even appear in the ahrefs report?

I'm trying to enumerate just a few. There's a lot more of sites I work on don't appear in the report, especially top sites on alexa ranks. Hope you guys will help me figure out. And if you don't use ahrefs, what site do you use?

Please help me out. I'm feeling lost after seeing this report, don't know exactly what best sites to work on.

I started doing SEO after reading a book by Ken Mauresmo named SEO for WordPress - How To Get Your Website on Page #1 of Google... Fast!.
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by Kyle » 2015-10-17 10:18

Sure, ahrefs is still accurate to detect backlinks. Yukon is right, you have to go through diffrent backlink scrappers for complete picture. Google webmaster can also be used to see backlinks but its not that much accurate.
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by Marvin » 2015-10-18 10:13

Tell you the truth reports are not holy mantras they will show you only part of picture you can never see whole picture because there is no such a too . You can create little bit bigger picture with more tools like ahrefs
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by LucyRepresentative » 2015-10-19 10:18

Oh my god don't focus on PR, focus on DA and PA. The blogs you should be posting on depends on the niche you are trying to rank in.
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