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So many website with spam backlinks how to do with it?

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by SeanKidman » 2015-10-03 16:30

The following is what happened. This is pretty frustrating. I try to do pure whitehat seo but there's so many sites out there that are ranking with spam backlinks or OBVIOUS PBN links it's insane.

A quick check into some of the heavily spammed niches reveals that there are sites ranking off spam backlinks and according to my tools, have had those rankings for years.

After years of being in this business, I know I'm doing well, but it really bothers me that this stuff still works. Some of these sites are making no effort to hide their spam or PBNs, seriously a site about Cisco certifications is linking to male enhancement, this isn't 100% obvious to google? All right ...

I have a somewhat new site right now that can't seem to beat out 2 domains (likely owned by the same person) who are ranking off backlinks from sites that were created with content machine. Seriously, the tier 1 links have content that is not human readable and some of those pages are even ranking ... The rest of the links to these domains are comment spam. I know with enough work I can beat the sites but I'm sitting here working hard while this dude ran some robot for 15 min ...
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by Hamiltion » 2015-10-04 13:13

Lol Penguin should be re-run any day now ... lets see what happens
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by Gabriel » 2015-10-05 16:18

It is obvious links rank pages but spam links are usually short lived. No way I would build spam links for long term sites.

PBNs can be quality long term link sources. It's like anything else for SEO, some guys are hacks (short term junk links) others plan on ranking for years. A PBN site can easily be setup as a legit feeder site.
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by Alex » 2015-10-06 10:13

In my opinion, I'm no longer into the short term game. I got completely destroyed in 2007 and learned a hard lesson. I could fix my problem easily with some tools but then I just create a BS campaign that could get obliterated. The site I'm currently working hard on is going for relatively easy KWs, but my efforts have seemed to be for nothing since this guy has these insane root domain links on BS sites. The RD trick is lame, I have no idea why google hasn't figured this out and fixed it.

As far as what Discovery is doing, I consider that to be more of a network but I will definitely look into it a bit. I'm sure I could learn a something from how they set that all up (IPs, subnets, and whatnot.)

Edit: I would go into more detail about what this guy did but I think you can figure it out (it's what they all do.) I don't really want to give some random guy reading this info on how to do this.
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