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Can I buy some email for marketing?

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by Addison » 2015-09-05 13:18

Hello guys I need some help/advice, im wanting to buy this list of 85k targeted emails but im not sure how to go about bulk emailing them ? i have only ever emailed to my subscribers on aweber but i have no idea how to email to a list of 85k
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by Marvin » 2015-09-06 9:18

In my opinion, To ad a list on aweber they will force you to send an new opt in confirmation email to all 85k people to reconfirm. Buying lsits is tough when using the typical email marketing companies.
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by LucyRepresentative » 2015-09-07 13:13

Try to get in touch with a professional mailer here in BHW. Share some profit or pay him to do the mailing for you.
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