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The way that I can generate traffic from social media ?

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by JudeSeoer » 2015-04-18 13:30

As the title?
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by Littleroman » 2015-04-19 9:16

Hello , just one way, post your stuff into social bookmarking and share to major social medias like facebook, linkedin, twitt er, g+ ect...
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by MichaelBlaze » 2015-04-20 9:13

I completly agree with you
Actually it works pretty the same as Facebook or Google+. Post often, content should be relevant, make strong headlines.
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by Ben310 » 2015-04-21 9:01

Ok my opnion,it's not that easy to get traffic from social bookmarking sites,
social bookmarking sites are not for traffic, but rather,
for link building.
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