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How do I know if a blog can make money.

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by ChadBrown » 2015-04-03 10:16

This is my question, I have hired a blog content writer for my blog, please advice me how to check uniqueness of content ,is there any specific tools you would like to recommend me.

Thanking you All.
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by Cornell » 2015-04-04 9:13

Do you know Copyscape? Many people I know recommend Copyscape. It's free to use.
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by Derrick » 2015-04-05 9:21

It is very easy, a very simple way to check is to copy a section of the content and paste it into the search box in your browser. Put quotes around it and do a search.

If there is an exact match, it will show up. The content has been duplicated.

Like I said, this is a very simple method.
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by Gabriel » 2015-04-06 8:31

There is another method and also you can try with small seo tools there have lots of tools which we are using daily base.
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