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Why my private blog got downgraded by Google?

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by AlieeBlack » 2015-12-23 16:13

This is my problem, I had a very successful Affiliate Marketing business running but unfortunately it got penalised by google. I am sure it was hit as I was promoting a few different niches and all the rankings disappeared at the same time.

Even if the blog network is penalised the pr of the domains stay the same. What do you do with these domains ?

Another question I was looking for more advice on how to avoid leaving a pbn footprint ?

I had about 30 sites in my pbn
all on different hosters
all wordpress installs
different themes
variable widgets
my approach was 150 word article reviews about the website I was linking to with variable anchor text links ( very mixed,
using brand, url , keyword , longtail keyword, brand keyword)
I limited it to 2 links per article, with a maximum of 10 posts on the home page
all content 100% unique

It could be that all the article layouts and styles were too similar ie all reviews of websites

Please let me know what you think caused the penalty and how to avoid this in the future ?

Also once a blog is hit what do you do with the blogs would you use them again or once a penalty leave it and buy new domains


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by Alex » 2015-12-24 16:18

I don't know it more detailed the circumstances. My guess is that one of your competition reported your site. In the future I suggest you block ahrefs, opensiteexplorer, majesticseo, so they can't check your backlinks.
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by Jessica » 2015-12-25 9:30

What do you mean, 150 word articles and 2 links? that's not good. 150 word articles means low quality content - try adding some longer content, at least 350 words but ideally over 550 words and you should see a change.

And what exactly do you mean by penalty? did you get a manual penalty? did you pbn blogs get deindexed? or it was just that your rankings dropped?
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