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Should I Cloack My Affiliate Links?

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by Eliasl » 2016-01-26 8:26

I read this in one of the stalls: "If you don't cover up your link of affiliate is possible for someone to steal your commissions for you".

Simply cannot understand how it is possible, logically this makes no sense.

In any case, I would like to make a banner for a site (not mine) to get traffic and want to send traffic directly to my URL for affiliate. Based on the foregoing, should I not do this?

Appreciate some advise.
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by Arturo » 2016-01-26 22:08

No matter if you hide or not can still lose your commissions and its not stealing.
What is the layer not to see their condition of affiliate and that is a regular link and Yes you must do it so that people click on.

What happens now lets say your promoting a product that I like and I see that you are an affiliate for what will be and become an affiliate or have a friend do it delete my cookies and buy, thus I or my friend received the Commission, which is what they mean by stealing.

Oh and if hide all I do is click on the link view your affiliate site and then do what I have to do. Invisibility so it does nothing with someone more for the Commission.

I call it bypass but not theft.

Hide your links however, will make your clicks increase. Use links quite clear its free programs-free wealth that exist to do it.
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by Terry » 2016-01-27 8:45

I think the invisibility can improve CTR. People can't click on her link and click on the link of your competitor because it looks more secure. you might think so.
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by Boyd » 2016-01-27 22:48

To be honest, I don't see many people do it now. After all, most of the people who will see your link from affiliate still does not know is an affiliate program. I personally use concealment not to track conversions and traffic sources and link protection. Nothing more.
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by Flowers » 2016-01-28 18:53

I think that using cloack url is useless coz not intended to cause the of price with respect to facts that are thanking you your references.just some people still think that cloacking url is useful.
to make better use of cloack. url hide or manipulate download link from your website to protect your content.
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