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Methods To Encourage People Sign Up To Newsletter

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by Elias » 2015-12-22 10:36

I have read several articles on list building, but without it maybe someone can give me some advice on how to encourage people to sign up for the newsletter / list + works and of what I have to remain conscious.

- Do you make your own product such as an e-book that you give away for free if someone signs up to your list or you get some other things with the right to publish. (If so I look for things as well)

+ I want to share is of course a great video on Udemy his name is - "Email Marketing Made Easy: Build a List"
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by Johnmicheal » 2015-12-22 22:08

I always believe the best approach is to build your list / receive email subscribers, is to offer something that requires them to give you their email. "I would be happy to show you how to explode your business through my outstanding coaching series Solo ads, what the best email so that I can get this to you soon!" Beats offers an e- report. Make them want to throw them in your email, to improve their bottom line. All the best!
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by Carlos » 2015-12-23 11:44

Add some free stuff or video on your squeeze page. You can also upload any youtube video samples and provide a link to the registration page in the description.
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by Benson » 2015-12-24 0:05

In the past I gave an ebook, I had an invitation to join my list.

The benefit to the reader was that they were exposed to my skill level and style of writing.

If I wasn't a good match for what they were looking for, they were aware of, before hand and did not sign up for my list.

The downside is that it is an extremely slow to grow a list because I wasn't using any bribery and manipulation to get people to join, which is what I wanted.
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by Edmund » 2015-12-25 15:43

I want to make it simple. I write good content on my website that my visitors like and then tell them if they sign up they will get more of the same and be updated whenever something new to add.

I rarely use bribes or gifts as I feel that the content of the site should be good enough in it's self to get people to want to sign up just so you don't miss what I'm offering.
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