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What is the best method to build list?

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by Alexander » 2016-02-23 8:57

Everybody knows that The Money Is In The List. But can someone suggest me the best method to increase the size of my list in a big way?
You can share both paid and free methods
Your answer will be appreciated.
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by Cameron » 2016-02-23 23:42

Depending on the type of list you want. Do you just want to register a large number or large list of repeat buyers?
Large numbered mailing list you offer a list of all the time I would go with paid traffic.
A target list of my buyers would choose the SEO in the long term.
Hope that helps
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by Anthony » 2016-02-24 15:11

In my opinion, a solo ad is one of the best ways to get targeted leads. These people are already in the list of people so they know how it works and will seek what value you have to give them. It will be the shot you in gaining their trust.

Additionally, if you know your numbers, you can have a good idea of the results you will get from purchasing solo ads because you know how many clicks you will have and when. This way you can plan traffic and get the results you want.
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by Francis » 2016-03-25 1:09

Here is my idea will be tried alone and would love to hear what you guys think about it
im going to write a nice report with some useful information in my niche, and I'll reach out to people who have a FB fan pages, Twitter accounts and YouTube videos even in this niche with a message like this
"I really liked your page and the things you say and share. Here is a small report I wrote about this topic with some great tips, you can give totally free, I'm sure everyone would appreciate it, please look for yourself and if you like to feel free to share
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by August » 2016-03-26 12:19

If you want a list of buyer you can make products and provide a 100% commission for affiliates.If you want the normal list of freebie seekers and buyers began to swap ads and ads.Remember alone is not about the size of the list but the quality list.You not looking for someone to click on a link your affiliate you figure that people buy what you are promoting.
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