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I need a freebie to giveaway

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by Frederick » 2016-02-19 9:15

I started with a list of the building and will in the niche of self-improvement and I need freebie to giveaway page, opt-in, it is that English is not my first language and this makes it very difficult for me to write my report the quality of their own, so the question is how do I go about this?

should I just hire a content writer? I do not think so because I want the report to be of good quality and researched beneficial things, I have bought from many different authors for different prices and quality levels and almost never as good as written by themselves because they are just writing to make money not with the intention of helping people out.

PLR is also not an option, I went through a lot of PLR Mu sold not written in the manner and with the intention to help people and not something that would make my list of trust and like me.

Is there another way to get a good quality report that I can use?
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by Hector » 2016-02-19 22:43

You are so right about the PLR and freelancers. Nobody has the same passion or vision for your business than you do.
Are you though about writing a draft copy of yourself that you can then proofread and edited by others. That way, you'll get all the info YOU want in there and give the people you hire a clear direction of EXACTLY what you are looking for.
I've never tried it, but it should be a better option that PLR or have a freelancer do it from scratch for you.
Hope that helps.
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by Elias » 2016-02-20 22:23

You do not need to write a long report on participation, in fact, I've seen a better option with a shorter "Resource Guide," "Top Tools", "best skills", etc., or free tools (such as bookmarks and Resources gadgets for example, or worksheet). People can not digest a lot of content these days. Long story short, but compelling and valuable audience. If you're writing in your native language and translation, it would be a good investment, rather than PLR.
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by Johnmicheal » 2016-02-21 17:17

You can also read e-books for free PLR, you can give your new subscribers free.
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