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by Randy » 2016-02-05 10:41

I am designing a new network.
What is the structure of the most successful affiliate programs on Web sites that offer subscriptions. The goal is that if you make money, money making website.
As an example
Should it offer such a structured program MLM
only one commission rate.
Offers excellent commissions, or just under 10%.
different programs greetings to more customers you have, and new customers a month. combination to keep working affiliates.
Let us discuss and find the best solution!
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by Warren » 2016-02-05 23:21

For sites that offer subscriptions, I would strongly suggest offering recurring commissions to Affiliates you that at least 50%.

I have tested some of the structures in the past in various membership site of my own, and I have found that offering only one commission level, the height of the recurring payment you feel comfortable victim, the more traction you'll get.

The more complicated you make it, less activity you will have an affiliate.

Best wishes!
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by Marco » 2016-02-06 18:19

Keep simple ...

The majority of affiliates interested in immediate gratification and payment.

The larger upfront commissions are more appealing to the masses affiliates
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by Brandon » 2016-02-07 17:14

I suggest you to search for affiliate programs that have recurring payments so that affiliates can be paid monthly. With it, you can get a monthly commission from one customer ... and imagine if you get 100 customers or more ...
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by Robert » 2016-02-08 2:41

There is a WordPress Plugin called "WordPress Affiliates Platform Plugin". Using this plugin and follow the method for PayPal instant results with your affiliates, improving the confidence of the affiliates and the number of affiliates who want to promote your product.
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