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by Arturo » 2015-12-28 8:37

Hello, i'm new here and i'm new to internet marketing / Affiliate
If I said or ask anything, I should not pls let me know and I will change it, or delete ASAP I'm new

I have a problem with that and I do know/forgot how

I did the creation
1. an account of a marketplaces of clickbank.
2. a domain name/etc from namecheap, you called im new so I don't really know what are the temp or Glossary.
3. a site hosting hostgator.
4. a getresponse autoresponder account.
5. a squeeze page and put it on my domain/etc.

Try using a spare email address to test my domain and when my replacement email address to receive the email to confirm the signing my name and email address is shown, I try to change some configuration of getresponse but is only able to change my name.

and that's all that I now can any one help me here im kinda stressing out there
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by Terry » 2015-12-28 22:23

You could get traffic. Buy or SEO. If you have done all this without a good way to get traffic, which is in vain. For Getresponse part, they have a good support team, just contact them and resolve.
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by Boyd » 2015-12-29 10:51

I use GetResponse and help them better video. I'm not too sure what you need help with, but if it's with your autoresponder and then use the live chat feature.
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by Flowers » 2015-12-29 23:27

Under the account details> From Email Address. You can add a new email.

The next step should be to test the conversion of your squeeze page. You have to buy a few clicks channels to be sent to your squeeze page to see how it performs. Your goal should be 40-60% conversion.

when your squeeze page is all good, the next step is to improve your offer page (if you have one) this one is more difficult to do but it's a good thing to know. the price of the split test, headlines, and different upsell to the order downsell. Your goal here is to get the epc levels of $ 0.20- $ 0.30 per click. This will take time.
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by Vernon » 2015-12-30 17:56

It seems to me that you need detailed step by step instructions. You will be better served by getting your hands on a course for beginners to affiliate marketing. Do a google search for free options or something inexpensive look for the section WSO.
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