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Can I use ABC on my stationary?

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by Berry » 2016-01-22 11:28

I sent another letter to get clients, this time with my letterhead, and want to use a business name that is not the name of my business. Is this doable?

Let me explain: I have chosen this name (ABC) long, and then got a letter from the government stating that I could not use a particular name, so I changed the name of my business to my personal name (XYZ). This is the simplest option at the time. It still will be a challenge to transform it into something that makes sense in both languages ​​(I live in bilingual parts of the world.) And past clients have expressed surprise when they heard that my name is the name of my biz. Not always a good thing.

In any case, XYZ just does not look good on my letterhead.

My question is, I can use my stationary ABC, get a check written by the ABC and cash their checks? ABC is the title of my book and website.

Sorry if I was not clear enough. I have the flu and I'm sick beyond comprehension.

Thank you for your help, I appreciate it.

PS I live in Canada.
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by Seth » 2016-01-23 10:14

If you use your real name (ABC) on your mail, and invoices and receive payment in the name, then you will be trading with that name. If your government has told you that you can not use that name, then I guess you'll be in trouble with them!
I do not think you think clearly. Flu will do it for you! Hope you feel better soon.
PS If you do not like to use your own name, why not just choose a business name alternatives that will not get you into trouble?
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by Orlando » 2016-01-24 14:35

Please, seek professional advice about this. You can not just, accept payment with the name of the business ... that you like. You at least need a DBA and bank accounts that receive payments under the DBA. You can receive payments / checks, with any name but, I doubt that you will be able ... to cash them and you have all the obligations as well.
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by Eliasl » 2016-01-25 15:46

Because you live in Canada, knew that most of the advice you will get here to the question as it would not be very relevant.

You need some, local professional advice. Which could be a business attorney, tax professional or even call the city licensing office.

Where I live, it is quite simple to get a DBA that will allow you to do business under a fictitious name that ties back to you.

Good luck. It should be pretty easy to figure out.
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